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Nick Parker
Sales and Airbnb
01727 221290


Diana Van Halle
Lettings Administrator
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Chris Tubritt
Lettings Negotiator
Zak Raidi
Airbnb Manger


Nick baker
Sales and lettings negotiator


Darlyne Brooke
Property management
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About Nick Parker

Apart from his obvious interest in real estate and his beloved agency….Nick has a Border Terrier called Cricket who loves a good walk and treats!He enjoys to travel (always airnbn!),watch films and eat out - his favourite foods are Thai and Indian.He has a keen interest in photography and branding which hopefully shows through Aubrey & Finn and the brand idenity, he has created.Hes a regular(ish) gym goer - always skips leg day! He has a passion for assisting people in selling or renting their homes and takes pride in making sure all his clients receive great service.


About Diana Van Halle 

Diana is our office administrator. Having worked in the property industry for over 7 years in different roles, she has great knowledge in the sector and brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. In her spare time, Diana enjoys going shopping, eating out and taking trips with her husband Paul. She also loves decorating her home & garden, spoiling her cat Rocky and meeting up for a drink with her family & friends.


About Darlyne Brooke

Darlyne is our Property Manager and looks after our managed portfolio. Working around the clock and driving all around Hertfordshire most days, she is the epitome of a busy bee-there's never a dull moment in property management! In her spare time she enjoys regular watching Women's Football (Arsenal ladies regular!).She also loves having afternoon tea and going out for dinner. Darlyne also enjoys spending time with her little Elvis (Not the singer, her Toy Poodle who is second in charge security dog when Cricket is off duty).


About Nick Baker 

Nick handles all the sales and lettings of the business and is the go-to man for bringing your property to the market whether it's for sale or rent. He is great at advising on the best strategies for markerting your home and finding the best clients for your property. He has a wealth of experience in the area and is liked by all our clients and previous clients (check out his google reviews!). In his spare time Nick is a regular at his local gym (or local pub drinking a glass of wine).He also enjoys playing football at the weekends playing for no less than two teams! Arguably his most important role at Aubrey and Finn is being the office Spotify DJ  ensuring the team morale is always at least at a solid 8 out of 10! An all-round good guy and a pleasure to work with.


About Chris Tubritt

Chris is head of our Property Mangement in Cheshunt and Lettings Negotiator. Chris has worked in the industry for over 15 years in Sales,Lettings and Property Management so you can say he knows a thing or two about property. Forever attentive and a helping hand to the business, Chris has been a great asset since joining us in Febuary 2022. If anyone could walk 500 miles it would be Chris as for lunch he loves to go on a jolly and try all the different coffee shops on his lunch to find the best flat white in the area. In his spare time he enjoys socialising with friends and family, city breaks,long bike rides and follows the mighty Arsenal FC.


About Zak Raidi

As our Airbnb manager, Zak is a recent addition to the Aubrey and Finn team. He is constantly on the go running errands for the Airbnb properties ensuring everyone has a great experience. He is a very social person and quick to solve any problems. When he isn't jumping from house to house,he's either at the gym or traveling,as he has a strong intrest in both,which ties in perfectly with his desire to join the Royal Marines.


About Cricket

I am a real tough dog and take my job in the office as head of security very seriously.I especially like to give a nice greeting to my favourite visitor the postman- not!I also like to get stroked by all the lovely visitors as part of my job role, and if they get lucky, I let them rub my belly- that’s the best! I love all treats.Especally crisps- Walkers cheese and onion are the best.My self develpoment plan includes not skipping leg day in the gym anymore- working on that! and maybe get my own podcast.dc