Ideas for Entertaining Guests Safely

Now that we are able to meet up with up to thirty people outside and six people (or two households) inside, there is a great opportunity to welcome friends and family over to your garden and outside areas to enjoy their company and socialise once again. 

So today, we have some tips for you on how you can ensure that you keep those outside garden areas lovely and enticing, whilst keeping your guests comfortable, enjoying themselves and socialising safely at the same time. 

It’s all about the Heat!

Firstly, it’s all about the keeping everyone as warm as possible during Spring and early summer. If people don’t feel warm, then they won’t want to stay outside. Encourage people to dress warmly for the cold weather with lots of layers. Have blankets at the ready and hot water bottles to keep people warm. 

After the sun goes down, (or even before), a patio heater may be your best friend during the colder parts of the spring and summer. Additionally, investing in a Fire Pit or Chimenea of some description can also help to keep your group warm on a colder evening. 


Shelter from the Weather – come rain or shine!

A covering such as a gazebo or marquee (with sides open of course), or an event shelter of some kind will help to protect your group from all kinds of weather – either by keeping you all warmer and protected from the elements if its windy or raining, or by acting as a sun shade in hot weather. Failing that, even a patio umbrella can help to keep you all sheltered.


What’s on the Menu?

Of course, it’s all about food and drink when you get together with friends, so really think about tailoring your menu for the weather and your audience. 

If it is going to be a colder evening, then some warm snacks or hot dishes will help to keep everyone nice and toasty. Dishes such as jacket potatoes, slow-cooked chilli, hearty soups etc may not be the immediate thing that you think of when entertaining, but these could be great for cooler evenings. Flasks of hot chocolate, Tea and coffee can also help to keep people warm.

With hotter weather comes the opportunity for BBQ food, party food and ice-cold drinks to keep the gathering in full swing!


Let me Entertain You

It’s a well-known fact that if your visitors are having fun, then they will stay for longer, so it helps to consider the entertainment! Why not have some music on in the background. A party is not a party without music, so choose your music to suit your audience.

You could also organise garden games to keep little ones (and grown-ups!) running around and busy, or perhaps toasting marshmallows and some card games for the adults. Keeping people distracted means that if the weather is cold, they hopefully won’t be feeling it as much! Plus, if they are having fun, they will stay longer!

Put up a small tent or shelter for the kids and give them blankets to build a den they can play in together. 


Lights Up!

As the Sun starts to go down, really think about lighting for your get-together to create a great ambience. Investing in some solar lighting means that you won’t need to worry about electricity or burning through endless batteries. You could also consider rows of fairy light, or perhaps even a portable lightbulb or two which seem to very on-trend this season!

Remember of course, even though you’re outside where the virus is less likely to spread, it’s still a good idea to employ social distancing, so choose your garden set up wisely to allow for distancing or being seated in “bubbles” and give everyone a chair of their own rather than sharing outside sofas and the like if possible. 


We hope that this gives you some ideas of how you can get back to entertaining now that we can gather in larger groups again.

If we can be of assistance for any advice on buying, selling or renting your home or property then we’re always happy to chat so why not give us a call!