How to Air B&B your home in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead & the local area

Today we are discussing how Airbnb can work as an alternative to renting out your home via the traditional methods.

So why would you consider making an income on your property via Airbnb in St Albans or Hemel Hempstead rather than simply renting to a long-term tenant?

Well if you have a second property which you don’t live in, or perhaps live in your home but work away frequently leaving your property empty for periods of time then Airbnb could be for you!

Although renting to one tenant can provide a stable monthly income, you may find that you can make a higher return on your property by renting it out by the night – especially locally where people need a place to stay short-term because they are visiting the area, working away from home themselves or may even be having their own home renovated and in need of a temporary home until works are complete.

But we hear you say, I don’t want to be dealing with the hassle of Airbnb… I’m a busy person!

Well at Aubrey and Finn we offer an Airbnb Management solution which takes the stress out of renting out your home in this way. Our current Airbnb clients tell us that the Airbnb management service works really well and we are currently the only locally based Estate Agent with a physical office offering Airbnb Management options.

We make it so easy for our clients to Airbnb their property.

We advertise and market the property for you and deal with all of the bookings and enquiries.

We then handle check-ins and check-outs and we are available during the clients stay to answer any queries or deal with any issues they may have.

After the stay, we will clean the property and turn around the bedding etc.

We then send you email updates telling you how much you have earnt for each stay.

All you have to do is give us the keys and tell us when the property is available!

If you are someone who works away frequently it may be that you have contemplated renting your accommodation out before, but perhaps you are only at home on weekends, or maybe you are away weekends, and you can’t see how it could work for you. Well we can help! 

If you are still living in the property then we can liaise with you to ensure your home is always free for when you want to use it. 

Airbnb Management through Aubrey and Finn works really well for those not living in their property either because it’s a second home, their work takes them out of the area some nights a month, they want to go travelling or maybe they want to move elsewhere but not sell their current home.

For further information on our Airbnb offerings visit our website

We’d love to chat further to you if you think Airbnb might be a good option, or indeed if you are looking for an Airbnb property to stay at in the local area!