Tips for Selling your Home in Autumn

Autumn is always a busy time for selling your home as people start to focus on making plans for the following year after the summer has ended and before the winter sets in.

A lot of psychology goes into home buying it’s all about how the buyer “feels” when they are in your home and can they see themselves living there.  

If you’re thinking of selling your home this autumn here are some suggestions to help bring the season inside and create a warm and cosy atmosphere that prospective buyers will love.

Think about your home from the outside in

It’s important to consider the first impression that buyers will get of your home. Unpredictable weather in Autumn can expose your home to the elements and mean that it may not look its best.

Clear falling leaves from paths and keep entrances clear from piles of leaves which can become slippery and create a hazard. Cleaning windows and doors and adding perhaps an autumnal decoration can make your property frontage seem more appealing.

Making an Entrance 

As outside is wetter and muddier in Autumn investing in a door mat or shoe covers could help to save your carpets from multiple people traipsing in and out of the house with their shoes on. 

Create a place for people to take off their shoes as they enter to avoid muddy footprints on the carpets. 

Have the Heating on

No one wants to walk into a cold, draughty house, so even if your home is empty, make sure that you heat your home and warm it up before viewings. Having the heating on can make your property feel cosier and more appealing to potential buyers. 

Keep the Lights on! 

Autumn days can turn dark quite quickly so keeping the lights on, even in the day time can show your home in a cosier light, especially now that the clocks have changed.

Create Extra Light

Autumn conjures up thoughts of roaring fires and twinkling lights, so having the fire going during viewings on cold days, or some twinkly lights hung around the home or strategically placed can really help to brighten up your home, as can the odd uplighter or spotlight in the right place. 

Accessorise for the Season

A few well-placed Autumn accessories can really help to bring your home. to life. Accessorise lounge areas with Autumn throws and cushions. Tactile buyers will love a chunky throw over a cushion or arm chair or some plush welcoming cushions on the sofa. 

Have an “autumnal display” in the hallway, kitchen or on the dining table can also help to create a homely, welcoming feel. Create centre pieces or displays with candles, pine cones, acorns or leaves.

Autumn Scents

Welcoming scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, baked apple can invoke happy memories and warm people up to your home. Less is definitely more though. The last thing you want is someone needing to walk out of the home because the smell is too over powering, so try to keep scents minimal. 

Keep your Home Well Ventilated 

On the topic of scents, unwelcome scents from rooms not being well ventilated during the Autumn can have a negative effect on buyers. For example, smells from cooking, animals, or poor ventilation can put buyers off, so be sure to try and ventilate your home in Autumn, but especially before viewings. 

Help your buyers imagine the space

Sometimes it can be helpful to give examples of the way that you use your home during the Autumn season so that potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space. Give examples of Autumn events that you take part in with the neighbourhood, or reasons that you like your home in the Autumn.  

So there you go, a few tips for you to help sell your home during the Autumn period. 

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