The Pyschology of Selling your Property

A lot of Selling a home is often about psychology. It’s about that feeling that someone gets when they walk into a property and they know it’s the one!  

You may have seen that moment on property programmes on the TV when the buyers walk into a property and become emotional because it’s just what they’ve been looking for. 

Of course, that moment is not always happily ever after, but you may have experienced that feeling yourself when you walk into the property and you just know that this is your next home or your forever home. 

So as a seller, how can you help to ensure that your property is the one that people want to purchase? 

Well, here are some great tips for you! 

1. Appeal to your potential buyers. 

When you are selling your property, it helps to try and appeal to potential buyers. You’re selling a lifestyle, whatever that may be. 

Perhaps it is selling a lifestyle of owning your first home to first-time buyers. Maybe it’s positioning your property as a great place to start a family, or somewhere for a family to have more space as children grow. 

It could be that your property is perfect for an older couple with a dream of downsizing now children have flown the nest. 

The key thing is to ensure that when people are viewing your house, they are able to imagine themselves living there, whatever the dream is. 


2. Declutter....

At the moment your property is probably filled with your things and if you are like most home owners, then it’s amazing how quickly you accumulate “stuff” to fill your home. One of the things that may help with selling the dream to buyers is decluttering your home. If you are able to declutter and depersonalise then it helps potential buyers to imagine the space as their own, with their own furniture in it. 


3. Decorate in neutral colours 

If you are struggling with selling your home then it may be because people are finding it hard to imagine themselves living in your property. Perhaps one way that may make your property more saleable is redecorating to a more neutral colour as this then gives new occupants a base to work from in their own time rather than feeling they would have to redecorate as soon as they move in. 

4. Consider external spaces 

The front of your home and what it looks like is important in making a great first impression to potential buyers.  Ensuring that the front of your home is clean, tidy and welcoming makes all the difference to your property as may a couple of well-placed pots. 

It’s all about “Bringing the outside in” between the house and garden, so where possible have windows and doors open and lots of fresh air coming into the property as this gives it a much larger and more open space feel. Show off the potential of the garden too.

5. Consider what’s important to your buyers. 

If you are going to be present during viewings then it may help to have info at the ready about walking distance to the station, what nearby schools are like, whether the community is active, what the local takeaways are like and all of the other info that potential buyers may ask. 

Additionally, consider if its better or you prefer not to be present during viewings and let your estate agent know this. 

Sometimes there is nothing worse than having people in the house when they’re trying to make decisions about such a life changing move so it can be helpful to go out during viewings especially if you are going to have an estate agent showing people round the property. 

The market really is alive and well in the local area and so if you are considering selling your property or would simply like a valuation to find out how much you to get to it get for it, then please do give us a call on (01727) 221290.