Short-term accommodation in St Albans and Hertfordshire

Our clients often approach us to discuss buying or renting a property for the long-term, but sometimes situations may arise where you, or someone that you know needs accommodation for the shorter term, or in a hurry.

This could be perhaps because you have to leave the accommodation where you have been living at short notice or in an emergency, or maybe you are at a stage in your life where you are in between life arrangements, or even need somewhere to live for short periods of time due to work or study.

Over the last few years, we have seen a growing trend in people coming to us for short term accommodation because they have sold their existing property and their new property requires renovation or they haven’t yet found a new property and want a base whilst they are looking. 

With the amount of building work always ongoing in the local area, and people looking to extend their current home rather than moving, we also often have enquiries from people who need short term accommodation whilst home renovations are taking place. 

If you need accommodation on a short-term basis, then here are some options for you to consider:

Staying with family or friends

If you can’t rely on family and friends to help you out when you need a place to stay then when can you? If there is room for you to stay with friends and family then this could be a great option if you need somewhere to live in a hurry as typically the cost will be less, if anything at all and you get to spend more quality time with each other. 

The downside? Space can become quite cramped, quite quickly if you’re a guest in someone else’s home. The place doesn’t feel like your own and it can be even worse if you’re crashing on the sofa rather than in your own room. Plus, tensions can start to arise quickly as everyone is used to living in different ways. Family and friends are a good option for just a few days or even a week or two, but perhaps not always an ideal situation if weeks are moving into months. 

Staying in a Hotel

Although Hotel stays are only for essential travel within the current climate in “normal times” (if there is even such a thing anymore!), staying in a hotel could be a good option if you need short term accommodation. This option is quick and easy to arrange, and gives you your own privacy. Plus, there’s room service and someone to clean your room – what’s not to like! You’ll also be guaranteed the option of breakfast and perhaps dinner too, without having to do the cooking.

However, this can be a costly option, unless you can come to some sort of arrangement with the hotel for a longer-term stay. It’s always worth trying to negotiate this with staff at the hotel. The downsides are also that depending on the size of your family, everyone living in one room can feel quite cramped, and the lack of catering and laundry facilities may quickly start to become an issue too. Again, this may be another issue for a few days to a week or two, but perhaps not feasible for longer. 

Airbnb/Air Hosting via Aubrey and Finn

If you want the combination of your own space, catering and laundry facilities and a property which is already fully furnished, then renting a property via Airbnb may be the answer. 

Did you know that here at Aubrey and Finn we also have our own version of Airbnb called “Air Hosting” for the local area, giving you the option to be able to book short term accommodation via our website or by contacting us without the fees that Airbnb add. 

Our Airbnb properties make a great stop-gap to get you out of a bind and are often owned by people who live in the local area, but work or stay away over different periods during the year, meaning that they can’t rent out their property long-term but they can short term. 

This can turn into a win-win situation for them and for you! They have someone living in the property whilst it’s empty and you get somewhere to stay when you need. We also have properties that we rent where the owners prefer short-term lets. In between the lets, our expert cleaning and maintenance teams will service the property, ensuring that everything is in tip-top condition for your arrival and everything is cleaned after you leave too. 

So, if you’re considering short-term accommodation in St Albans or the local area and would like some help finding a short term let property then why not give us a call on (01727) 221290.