Seven Tips to help Moving Day go smoothly!

So you’ve found the new home of your dreams, spent the last few months building up to the day when you are finally going to move in and finally it’s here! It’s time to move you’re your new home! It’s common for people to panic about remembering everything on Moving Day so here are a few pointers to help your move go as smoothly as possible! 

1.Keep the Kettle Handy!

Moving is thirsty work, so whatever you do, don’t pack the Kettle until the last minute!  Create a box with kitchen essentials such as Tea Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Squash, biscuits teaspoons and a few cups and have those handy for when people need to refuel during the day. You can then transport this yourself to your new home and have it ready for immediate use. Also perhaps pack some other essentials such as kitchen towels; bin bags, soap and loo roll so that you aren’t caught short once you reach your new home. We also think that having the corkscrew handy is mandatory to toast your new home too!

2. Ensure that your Mobile Phone remains charged!

You can typically expect a flurry of calls and activity on moving day as you wait to hear that contracts are exchanged and the sale is confirmed, and then liaise with those in the chain, or with your movers, so it’s important to ensure that you keep your mobile phone charged and ready! Don’t let your phone charger be packed away, keep it with you for those charging emergencies on the day!

3. Take Electricity Readings

On moving day, don’t forget to read your gas and electricity meters as you leave. Perhaps take a photo of them with your phone as you leave in case the paper you write the reading down on gets lost during the move. When you get to your new property, make it a priority to take readings too and contact the new energy supplier within the first 24 hours if possible to ensure a smooth transition between you and the previous residents or tenants.

4. Simplify the Electronics

Hold fire before you go about unplugging all of the tech! If you have a multitude of wires plugged in to various different devices and they all look the same, it can be helpful to use coloured stickers and attach one to the plug and one to the socket it goes in so that you know which one goes in which once you start to set up your devices in your new home. 

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

Make life easier for yourself on moving day by packing an overnight bag for each family member with the essentials in so that you don’t have to start rifling through taped boxes the minute they come off the lorry. Pack any important medication, toiletries and a spare change of clothes including pyjamas to ensure that everyone can function for the first 24 hours without unpacking boxes immediately.

6. Make the Beds 

Have a separate box with all of the bedding – duvets, sheets, pillows etc. and as soon as your beds are unloaded, prioritise setting up and making the beds. This ensures that when you are exhausted by the end of the night, everyone has a comfortable bed to sleep in! If you are having friends or family help you move, then perhaps make this job the responsibility of someone so that you have the peace of mind of knowing it’s being done without having to worry about it yourself. 

7. Delay Delivery of New Items

Hopefully everything will go according to plan on moving day but you don’t want to add to the chaos of people, and your furniture and boxes being carried in by having large items such as your new washing machine, sofa or TV delivered. Perhaps arrange for these items to arrive a couple of days after moving day so that you can get through the initial moving day first! 

So there you have it, hopefully some tips to get you started with making moving easier for you! If you have any queries about any aspect of moving home, or you would like to discuss how we can help with you with your selling, buying or renting journey then please do pick up the phone and give us a call!