New resident in Herts? Here are some ideas to meet new people living locally

Hertfordshire is prime commuter belt territory so it’s common for people to move to the area to escape living in London, or to be closer to London for work but that means that they may end up living further away from family, friends, their support networks and also their previous recreational activities. 

Once you’ve moved and settled into your new home in the local area, it can be hard to get out and meet new people because you are spending lots of time working and commuting, or perhaps you have young children, or maybe you just simply don’t know where to go to meet new people and don’t have those networks that you can easily tap into. 

At Aubrey and Finn we know that this is a common situation many of our clients face and so we’ve put together some ideas of different groups to join to help you meet new people living in the local area and to hopefully help you feel more part of the local community in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas! 

As a disclaimer, the following are some ideas and information on what’s available and do not constitute recommendations!

Join a Gym/Keep Fit Class

Joining a Gym or attending a fitness class is a great way to combine staying fit and active with meeting new people in the area. There are a variety of different Gyms, Wellness Centres and Classes happening in the local area including Absolute Wellness Centre St Albans, Nuffield Gym, Fitness First, Westminster Lodge, and YMCA.  Search online for your nearest class or for the activity you enjoy and off you go! 

You could also consider joining a Golf or Tennis Club. Local Golf Clubs include Verulam Golf Club, Redbourn Golf Club,  Centurion Leverstock  Green and , Shendish Manor Golf Club. There are also a multitude of Tennis Clubs including Leverstock Green Tennis Club, St Albans Tennis Club and Townsend Tennis Club.

If you are into running then there are a variety of running clubs in St Albans including St Albans Striders and Athena Running in St Albans and Gade Valley Harriers and Dacorum and Tring Athletics Club.

St Albans 5K Park Run happens every Saturday in Verulamium Park from 9am and is a free run. 

Hemel  5K Park Run happens every Saturday in Gadebridge Park from 9am and is a free run. 

Take up an activity or join a club

Learn a new language, learn how to knit, sew, paint, dance, play sport or become a wine connoisseur! Meet others who love to take photos, play Bowls, Garden, play Football or even share your appreciation for Real Ale!

Joining an extra-curricular class or club is a brilliant way to meet those with similar interests to you. There are also a whole multitude of Social Clubs and Friendship Clubs in the local area including the Women’s Institute or Ladies Circle for women, Round Table and Lions Clubs for men, plus Sports and Social Clubs and Friendship clubs for all. 

Meet other local parents. 

If you have recently become pregnant, had a baby or you have small children then this can be present a great opportunity to be able to meet new people and make friends in your local community. 

Antenatal Classes, Children’s Centres, Baby and Toddler Groups often held in church or village halls and Baby and Toddler Classes are prime territory to meet other parents who may be secretly wishing for some adult company just as much as you are.

For those with older children then it may be that the parents from school can adopt you into their tribe, or that you can make friends with other parents at your child’s activities. There are also lots of book clubs (always a great excuse for wine) or failing that, just seek out your local park and pluck up the courage to chat to another local parent! Then there is of course the online option of the notorious local Mums Facebook groups where you can find out more about the local area, get support and advice and of course hopefully make some new friends along the way!

Get a Dog!

Walking the dog gets you out of the house and enables you to meet more people, plus we’ve found that having your dog with you is always a great ice breaker and gives others an excuse to start a conversation with you.

Network for your Business 

Running your own business can be a lonely place especially if it’s a new business r=in a new why not use your business as an excuse to get out and meet new people. There are a whole host of business networking groups in the local area, some are ad-hoc drop-in, and others may have a weekly or monthly commitment. If you want some recommendations then get in touch as we can recommend a few great business networking groups to get you started.

Volunteer for Charity

Volunteering in your local community or for a charity can be a fantastic way to give back to the local community but it’s also renowned as a fantastic way to meet new people and making new friends. 

Attend a place of Worship

If you are new to the area then attending a place of worship can be a fantastic way to meet people. There are lots of different options locally so why not explore some different places of worship as it’s a great way to feel part of a community and may even present opportunities to give back too!

Hopefully some of these ideas have given you some ideas on how to meet new people and make connections with others living in the local area.  If you have any queries about any aspect of moving home, or you would like to discuss how we can help with you with selling, buying, renting or Air a property then please do pick up the phone and give us a call!