Benefits of moving out of your property during renovations

House prices in the local area have been at a premium in recent years compared to other parts of the UK, so what happens when you decide that your current property no longer fits your lifestyle needs and you need more room? 

Common reasons for needing more space include a growing family, or perhaps a new expanding home business which requires an office. 

When Home Owners find that they need more space, the dilemma is often whether to move properties, or improve on your current residence. This decision may come down to which option is more financially beneficial, or it may depend on whether you need to move to be closer to schools, work or family. 

If you really like the property and the area that you live in, and you have the space to extend your home, then extending your space through renovation may seem like the obvious option. The question then arises whether to stay in the property whilst you have renovations done, or to vacate the property and live elsewhere. 

It’s true that by staying in your property during renovations, you may save some money. It also enables you to keep a close eye on what’s going on during the renovation and ensure that the property is secure.

However, staying in your property means that you and your loved ones will literally be living in a building site, so it may make more sense to find somewhere temporary to rent until the renovations are over. 

Here are our top five reasons to move out of your property during renovations:

1. The dust gets everywhere! You may have heard that, but we literally mean… everywhere. As soon as you’ve cleaned, the dust has appeared again and you’re back to square one.

2. Builders like to start early… and we mean early… If you’re not a morning person then the sound of drilling, banging and deliveries coming and going with the lark may be enough to drive you mad and just isn’t worth the money you will save.

3. You may also find it hard to live around the constant workman and strangers coming in and out of your home. It can feel very crowded and like your home is no longer the place you feel safe. If you have children around then there’s also the health and safety aspects to consider as kids have a habit of finding their way into everything and so there may be hazards around which are just too tempting for them to keep away from. 

4. Whilst living in your property may be doable, trying to function with a working bathroom and kitchen may not be feasible throughout the whole renovation. You’ll quickly become a professional at conjuring up family meals in a temporary kitchen with just a microwave and minimal equipment around, or having to take a shower elsewhere as the bathroom is out of action. Even perhaps washing up in the bath because there’s no kitchen sink. 

5. It can get Cold! It’s amazing how much the elements can sweep through a property when you’re having renovations done, so get used to living in the cold and wet and warm, sturdy clothing will definitely be a must!

The biggest benefit of moving out whilst you are having work done is that you will have a safe haven away from the building site that is your home. It also means that daily life can continue as normal whilst your renovation is going on and once your property is finished, you can move into your newly refurbished home. Typically, it helps to be in a property which is close enough to keep an eye on your renovation.

It can be tricky to know how long your refurbishment is going to take as these things tend to have a habit of continuing longer than planned, so here at Aubrey and Finn we’re able to offer furnished and unfurnished short-term rentals as well as longer term rentals for anyone having refurbishments done. We also manage “Airbnb” rental properties which can be used for very short-term stays. 

If you need a property to stay in the local area whilst having major works done on your home then please do give us a call and let’s help you get settled into a new temporary property. Call us on 01727 221290 to discuss.